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The Charlotte community is struggling with the recent death of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer by the name of Mia Goodwin. Goodwin died at the hands of a semi-truck – an unfortunately common way for people to perish on the roadway. Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC has seen cases like this time and time again. Unfortunately,…Read More

There are two types of consent that may enable a medical provider to perform medical care on a patient: implied consent and express consent. Between the two types of consent exist different ways of communicating it, in addition to certain caveats that exist. While failing to provide consent can result in someone not receiving care,…Read More

Product liability is a notorious area of law in the United States. Over the years, the United States has seen higher financial stakes in the field of product liability than any other country in the world. Additionally, 2019 figures show that the average product liability award in the US totaled $7,416,300 – an enormous figure…Read More

Charlotte has recently found itself in a precarious situation. While pedestrian injuries and deaths have seen shocking numbers over recent years, a councilman’s recent mission to improve pedestrian safety is pushing political buttons. This move comes after his own family’s injury in a truck accident after walking home from the bus stop together. The blatant…Read More

Medical malpractice is a complex situation in which a medical services provider mistakingly and negligently causes further or worsened harm upon someone under their care. This is a serious legal matter that is handled by experienced Charlotte medical malpractice attorneys such as those at Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC who are trained in dealing with…Read More