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In North Carolina, when someone dies because another party was negligent or careless, often, their surviving loved ones have the option of pursuing financial compensation by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Like most states, North Carolina has a specific law defining when someone can take legal action in the wake of a loved one’s accidental…Read More

If you’re injured as a result of someone else’s negligence in North Carolina, you typically have the right to seek compensation for your medical bills and other such losses. However, you may not be able to properly recover compensation if you were also negligent when your accident occurred. This brief guide will explain what you…Read More

A premises liability claim or a lawsuit is one you may file to recover compensation if you were injured on another person’s property. The law requires property owners to take reasonable steps to keep anyone (legally) on their properties safe. This does not mean you are eligible for compensation merely because you were injured on…Read More

You will hopefully never be involved in a car accident. However, it’s important to know what you should and should not do in the aftermath of a collision in case you ever are harmed in one. While you may be a responsible driver, you have no control over the decisions that others make behind the…Read More

A property owner has a duty to maintain reasonably hazard-free premises. If someone is legally visiting a store, shopping mall, or even a private residence, they should not have to worry they will be injured in an accident that could have been avoided had those responsible for addressing hazards (or at least properly warning guests…Read More