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Car accident injuries often result in a long list of expenses. Contact a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC for a free consultation at 704-335-1500. A car accident lawyer from Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC will apply their years of experience and legal skills to help you obtain full recovery from a personal injury claim.
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Written By Paige Pahlke Over the past few weeks, the number of North Carolina residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 has been rising and the number of COVID-related hospitalizations has been increasing. In response to these concerning statistics, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper issued an Executive Order on Wednesday, June 24th making it mandatory…Read More

When you are driving or walking in and around the streets of Charlotte, you should never have to worry about being struck by a transit authority vehicle. However, a bus driver with the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) was recently charged with hit and run after allegedly colliding with a man in the city limits….Read More

Crashes And Car Seats—What You Need To Know

Jun 15, 2020 Brown Moore & Associates Car Accidents

If you have children, you have likely spent countless hours reading safety reviews and shopping in a store or online for the perfect car seat to keep your little one safe. Car seats are so important because they help prevent serious injury and death in the event of a collision. Hopefully, you never have to…Read More

Most people have not been focused on many things other than the COVID-19 pandemic. While this incident has kept most people indoors, these orders are slowly being lifted. As our daily lives start to get back to some semblance of normalcy, it this time to focus on safety. This is particularly true when it comes…Read More

As people across this country continue to deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most analysts expected that the roadways would be less crowded. The truth is that roadways have seen less traffic, but that does not mean that injuries and fatalities are still not occurring. Recently, an arrest was made after an incident in which…Read More