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Category: Motorcycle Accidents

It is the law: North Carolina motorcycle drivers must carry licenses with motorcycle endorsements or motorcycle learners’ permits to operate motorcycles on public roads within the state. Even though similar requirements exist throughout the U.S., the 2013 statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that fatally-injured motorcycle drivers were 17 percent more likely…Read More

Motorcyclists appreciate their bikes for everything from pure enjoyment to economical travel. Still, even well-maintained bikes pose more risks of injuries just because of their overall design. Just as important, our Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyers have noticed that motorcycles are subject to a significant recall rate. That said, riders are encouraged to take proactive steps…Read More

It is no secret that cars are no match against massive tractor-trailer trucks in accidents. Truck drivers often walk away injury-free from these collisions. Car occupants stand a good chance of receiving some degree of protection from their vehicles, but severe injuries are probable. However, motorcyclists have little more than the amount of protection provided…Read More

Our Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyers can attest to the fact that speeding is riskier to bikers than other motorists. The reasons behind the risks are no secret: Motorcycles offer almost no protection for riders during accidents. High speeds give riders little time to react to any situation on the road. Two-wheeled vehicles are likely to…Read More

Road Rash Can Be a Serious Injury

Jun 16, 2015 Brown Moore & Associates Motorcycle Accidents

Somehow, the term, road rash does not truly reflect the potentially serious nature of this common type of motorcycle accident injury. Any motorcyclist who has sustained road rash can attest to its pain, but many riders do not take these injuries as seriously as they should. Without appropriate care and attention, they can lead to…Read More