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Category: Motorcycle Accidents

Weather conditions were not at issue on January 19th when a 50-year old motorcyclist was rear-ended on I-440 by a vehicle traveling an estimated 115 mph. According to ABC News, his instant death at the scene was allegedly caused by a young woman who is facing multiple criminal charges, including the following: Felony death by…Read More

Multi-vehicle pileups are typically reported in the news as a single collision. From a legal standpoint, however, it is really a series of individual accidents. Having represented numerous clients in these cases, our Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyers can attest to the complex posturing performed by insurers or attorneys as they attempt to prove their clients…Read More

The freedom of the open road and the feeling of sun and wind are some of the many attractions that motivate bikers to tirelessly work toward removal of motorcycle helmet laws. However, in May 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly rejected a proposal that would replace the state’s universal helmet laws with ones that would…Read More

Failure to yield can be a factor in many car accidents taking place across the country. Some drivers may not yield because they are not paying enough attention to their surroundings, or if the approaching vehicle is small, such as a motorcycle, the driver may not have seen the on-coming vehicle. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple…Read More

Many drivers may have heard the concept that looking twice could save a life, especially in the case of seeing motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, motorcyclists continue to be overlooked on the roadways, and serious injuries and deaths occur due to motorcycle accidents. If a driver fails to obey a traffic sign or simply does not see…Read More