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Category: Motorcycle Accidents

North Carolina drivers have heard the warnings not to get behind the wheel after drinking. An otherwise good driver can easily have an accident if he or she is impaired. A car vs. motorcycle wreck recently is believed to have been caused by an impaired driver. The female driver of the vehicle believed to be…Read More

Most drivers in North Carolina are aware that the use of alcohol or drugs and driving can be a dangerous mix. Slower reaction times and lapses in judgment often lead to accidents when a driver is somehow impaired. Police believe that this may have been the cause of a recent motorcycle wreck. The wreck occurred…Read More

With spring in full swing, motorcycle enthusiasts are taking advantage of the warmer weather here in North Carolina. Drivers need to take care to keep an eye out for more motorcycle riders since more motorcycles on the road means a greater chance of being involved in a motorcycle wreck. One 72-year-old driver of a pickup…Read More

Motorcycle riders in North Carolina may soon have the option to choose whether or not to wear a helmet while riding. The proposed bill to get rid of the state’s mandatory helmet law was approved by the House Transportation Committee and will now go to the house judiciary panel. The bill would offer motorcycle riders…Read More

Motorcyclists beware: motorcyclists over the age of 60 are three times more likely to be seriously injured in an accident compared to younger riders, according to a new study. This could be a big safety concern as motorcycles are becoming more popular among older people. The number of older motorcycle riders has significantly increased during…Read More