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Category: Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians have the right-of-way in most circumstances. While motor vehicles are encouraged to share the road, North Carolina has some of the most dangerous roads for pedestrians. Whether it is the lack of infrastructure, like sidewalks and crosswalks, or motor vehicles not watching for pedestrians, people who choose to walk may find themselves in very…Read More

When you are out for a stroll, taking a walk, you rarely think of the cars that are speeding by. Those cars and trucks are the biggest threat to a pedestrian. The amount of force a car or even a truck has can be devastating to a pedestrian. When pedestrians are crossing the street, this…Read More

Pedestrians face significant risks anytime they are in or around the roadway. Unfortunately, far too many pedestrian accidents occur in and around the Charlotte area. In many cases, these crashes are caused by the careless or negligent actions of other drivers. The Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyers at Brown, Moore & Associates, PLLC want to discuss…Read More

One Pedestrian Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash

Nov 20, 2019 Brown Moore & Associates Pedestrian Accident

When you live or work in and around the Charlotte area, you know that negligent and careless drivers are everywhere. Recently, one pedestrian lost their life in a hit-and-run accident. At Brown, Moore & Associates, PLLC, our qualified and experienced team is dedicated to helping those injured due to the actions of other drivers. Our…Read More

Charlotte Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise

May 11, 2019 Brown Moore & Associates Pedestrian Accident

Charlotte is an up-and-coming area. People are moving here in droves, and we are starting to feel the density. People are choosing to live in our Queen city for various reasons, but our infrastructure is still trying to catch up. Our growing city may not have all the amenities of a bigger city, which means…Read More