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Category: Personal Injury

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, a workplace injury involving a true medical emergency does not require pre authorization from the insurance company. This same rule holds true for injured workers seeking diagnosis or treatment, regardless of whether the insurer has admitted liability or authorized payment. In spite of these legal requirements, however, injured employees can…Read More

Children love to bounce and while everyone recognizes the obvious risks posed by trampolines, a brightly-colored castle-shaped balloon seems like safe fun. Whether these devices are completely enclosed or have side openings, children can easily fly up into the air and fall quickly to the ground, offering countless opportunities to sustain serious accidental injuries. With…Read More

It is well-known that injury victims can typically pursue compensation when they slip, trip or fall due to dangerous conditions on property owned or managed by other parties. This is known as premises liability, and even trespassers can file lawsuits under certain conditions. Still, the real question involves determining exactly what constitutes a dangerous condition….Read More

The Perils of Diving

May 21, 2015 Brown Moore & Associates Personal Injury

A hot summer day is the perfect time to take a refreshing dive into a pool or lake. However, according to the Atlanta-based Shepherd Center, one of the most preventable causes of spinal cord injury (SCI) is diving. No one can blame other parties when adults use poor diving techniques or fail to follow common-sense…Read More

Recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a 29 percent decrease in fatal NC workplace injuries between 2012 (146 incidents) and 2013 (104 incidents). Still, any Charlotte workplace injury attorney who has helped families through the anguish of needlessly losing a loved one would say this number is still too high. Even though…Read More