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Category: Wrongful Death

When someone is in the custody of the police, there are clear protocols to ensure the person receives due process. Law enforcement has safeguards in place to make sure detainees placed in custody are not going to be harmed or, worse, lose their lives awaiting a bail hearing or trial. At Brown Moore & Associates,…Read More

Wrongful death incidents are a tragedy. Unfortunately, these wrongful deaths go without justice or restitution and the income lost as well as preparations can cause financial burdens as well as untold grief. At Brown Moore & Associates, our Charlotte wrongful death lawyers want to discuss a recent wrongful death that occurred here in Charlotte. This…Read More

CMPD Needs Mental Health Education Now

May 18, 2019 Brown Moore & Associates Wrongful Death

There is no love like that between family members. It is a special kind of love because together you have been through so much. The hope is that whenever death comes that it comes quietly and swiftly. However, we know that isn’t always what happens. Sometimes people are dealt with cards they never expected. What…Read More

There are so many risks that we face when we get into our vehicles each day. Even though we take the steps necessary to be safe, we know that there is no way to control the careless or negligent behavior of other drivers. We are now learning that a Charlotte woman will serve no time…Read More

When a family member or close friend passes away, you will deal with a host of emotions. Depending on the circumstances surrounding their death you could very well struggle for years to return to some sort of a normal life. Losing a loved one due to illness or old age is difficult enough, but losing…Read More