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Surgical Errors Are Medical Malpractice

May 10, 2019 Brown Moore & Associates Medical Malpractice

We trust those in the medical field because most of us know little to nothing about the human body. Sure some of us may have a hobby of binge-watching hospital dramas but would have no clue what to do in a real emergency room. We get it. People go to school for years to invest…Read More

Making Medicine Safer

May 4, 2019 Brown Moore & Associates Medical Malpractice

Medical mistakes. How common are they? What do you do if you are the victim of one? These questions can be confusing and lead to a multitude of answers. Everyone knows that there are risks in medicine, but that does not mean we should accept ALL medical mistakes as being normal. Today, we want to…Read More

There are so many risks that we face when we get into our vehicle each day. Even though we take the steps necessary to be safe, we know that there is no way to control the careless or negligent behavior of other drivers. We are now learning that a Charlotte woman will serve no time…Read More

Charlotte Birthing Center Is Closing

Apr 27, 2019 Brown Moore & Associates Birth Injury

Charlotte birthing center, Baby+Co., has announced that it will close its doors in May. The other two Baby+Co. centers located in Cary and Winston-Salem will close as well. Baby+Co. has been fraught with controversy since four infants died and state investigators found significant problems with the Cary center after a two month investigation. Sometimes infant…Read More

Recently, a recall was issued for over 78,000 pounds of Butterball turkey after people were sickened in two states and their illnesses were linked to Butterball turkey produced and sold last year. The turkey was sold at grocery stores nationwide, including stores here in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina. There is concern that even though…Read More