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Car accident injuries often result in a long list of expenses. Contact a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC for a free consultation at 704-335-1500. A car accident lawyer from Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC will apply their years of experience and legal skills to help you obtain full recovery from a personal injury claim.
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Medical malpractice is an all-too-common issue that affects thousands of people throughout the country every year. Even with today’s technology, training, resources, and education, mistakes are still made by doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals. Victims of Charlotte NC medical malpractice must keep detailed records of their medical treatment so that they can seek…Read More

Workers’ compensation is an important benefit that millions of employees have at their disposal in North Carolina. Not everyone will require this benefit throughout their career, but just knowing that it is there can put a person’s mind at ease. So, what exactly is workers’ compensation and how is it handled? These are important questions…Read More

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The driver is not the only person who can be affected by a horrific Charlotte car accident. Any person in the vehicle with the driver can suffer a life-altering injury or emotional illness. Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur in victims of car accidents, causing them to have trouble getting back behind the wheel once their…Read More