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Charlotte Misdiagnosis Attorney

Being diagnosed with cancer or any serious medical condition is distressing enough. Learning that your diagnosis was seriously delayed because of a doctor’s negligence may be a cause for legal action.

Misdiagnosis can lead to unnecessary and inappropriate medical treatment, ranging from failure to treat a condition in a timely manner to administration of unneeded treatments.

  • Did you report suspicious symptoms to your family physician or to an emergency room doctor, only to be told that your symptoms were imaginary or that your complaints were exaggerated?
  • Did your doctor tell you that you had cancer — and remove your breast or other body part — only to report afterward that the diagnosis had been in error?
  • Did a family member report suicidal thoughts or thoughts of violence to an emergency room physician — only to be sent home, rather than admitted as was appropriate under the circumstances?
  • Was your pending heart attack or stroke ignored by your family doctor or emergency room personnel — with devastating results shortly afterward?

Discuss your losses and injuries caused by failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who has handled misdiagnosis cases.

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Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, is an established medical malpractice law firm offering free initial consultations to patients suffering because of diagnosis errors in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our attorneys have helped many people obtain compensation for hospital negligence and other types of medical mistakes.

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