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Charlotte Surgical Error Attorney

Despite advanced technology and information systems in hospitals, grievous surgical errors still occur, often causing serious harm to patients. Doctors, nurses and surgical technicians are responsible for taking precautions and following accepted protocols and procedures designed to protect patients from surgical errors.

If you were seriously injured through a surgical error, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses, including the following:

  • Additional medical expenses
  • Wage replacement for time off work
  • Expenses related to medical care, such as travel and parking fees for medical appointments
  • Intangible losses: pain and suffering

Did your surgery in North Carolina or South Carolina go seriously wrong, as in the following situations? Whether your surgery was planned or took place on an emergency basis, we welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case.

  • Your surgical team omitted or ignored an important step in pre-surgery preparations: blood work, medical history, drug reactions.
  • A surgeon operated on the wrong body part — perhaps removing the wrong breast or kidney, for example.
  • Your surgeon or other health care providers failed to monitor you during the postsurgery period and you developed infections or other complications.
  • The surgeon left a foreign object (such as a sponge, knife or clamp) in your body, leading to pain, infection and/or follow-up surgery to remove it.
  • Your bowels, gall bladder or another internal organ was punctured as the surgeon worked on an affected body part nearby.
  • The surgeon failed to administer appropriate prophylactic antibiotics before or during surgery, resulting in infections that could have been prevented.
  • You were given a wrong dosage of anesthesia, resulting in serious harm or unnecessary pain.
  • Stitches were done incorrectly, creating painful adhesions and requiring additional corrective medical care.
  • Respiratory intubation or placement of feeding tubes was done incorrectly, resulting in serious harm.

Medical malpractice cases are challenging for many plaintiffs’ lawyers because of the reluctance of many doctors to testify against other doctors. The cases that we take on at Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, are ones in which medical negligence is clear and indisputable. Our Charlotte surgical errors attorneys work with an extensive network of qualified physicians. We aggressively pursue all avenues of evidence and relief for our clients who have been injured as a result of serious surgical errors.

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