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Charlotte Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Drunk Driving Accidents

If the driver who caused you or a family member serious or catastrophic injury was arrested for DUI or DWI after your crash, it should be easy to recover compensation, right? Think again. Drunk driving accident cases may not be as straightforward as they first appear. An experienced Charlotte drunk driving accident lawyer can help you navigate the various “land mines” on the path to recovery of financial compensation for your injuries.

For example, if you are asked to testify in a criminal case against the drunk driver, it is important that you have a lawyer representing you, to advise you as you plan your testimony. The wrong words at the wrong time may hurt your injury claim or lawsuit.

Prompt action can help build a strong case in a drunk driving accident case. For example, a deposition (transcribed sworn interview) of a drunk driver in jail may be a compelling factor in your case if your lawyer ends up making arguments before a jury.

A diligent Charlotte drunk driving accident lawyer will also dig for answers to questions such as who served alcohol to the drunk driver who caused the car accident that resulted in injuries. Credit card bills racked up in the few hours before the crash may answer this question persuasively. Dram shop laws or social host laws may apply, further strengthening your case for compensation by providing other sources of recovery when the drunk driver does not carry enough insurance. Many habitual drunk drivers carry minimum or no insurance, and it is important to explore all possible avenues of recovery for individuals seriously injured by the negligence of drunk drivers. Uncovering all possible sources for compensation can often only be accomplished through the methods of investigation allowed once the legal process has commenced.

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