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The Anatomy of a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle crashes are different from car accidents in many ways. Victims who ride motorcycles and become involved in collisions are often very seriously injured. Because of the extent of the loss and the complexity of making a damage claim, victims are strongly encouraged to seek help from an experienced attorney. It is important to look for Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyers who have handled similar cases in the past and are prepared and ready to deal with the specifics of a motorcycle crash case.

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Understanding Motorcycle Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has described a motorcycle collision as a “complex event involving the interaction of human, vehicle and environmental factors.” These crashes are “violent” events and those most likely to be hurt are on the motorcycle rather than in a car.

More than 80 percent of all motorcycle collisions that are reported in the United States cause either injury or death to a motorcycle rider. The reason that these crashes are often much more severe and devastating than a typical car accident is because the motorcycle does not provide the rider with any protection from impact.

The motorcyclist is not shielded by the motorcycle from head injury, and there are no airbags to cushion the blow. The rider is commonly thrown from the motorcycle upon the bike being struck by a car. This also puts the rider at risk not just of hitting the ground at a hard impact but also of forcibly striking objects that are in his or her path when flying through the air.

In a traditional vehicle, door beams, seat belts, the vehicle roof and the car’s airbags all cushion the blow for drivers and passengers. The four wheels of a typical car make the vehicle much more stable and unlikely to fall or tip over in the event of a crash (although rollover car accidents do occur). Motorcycles, on the other hand, do not have occupant protections and are lacking in crash-worthiness characteristics.

The best safety feature that a motorcycle has is its agility. Motorcycles may be able to stop much more quickly than passenger cars and are also more effective at swerving quickly to avoid obstacles. This added agility can sometimes help motorcycle riders avert a collision from occurring. Sometimes, however, drivers are simply too careless and too quick and the motorcycle rider will be struck by a car. When this happens, an attorney can help prove that the vehicle’s driver was to blame and thus should be made to compensate the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle crashes are caused by many different things, including lack of experience driving a motorcycle, other motorists turning into the path of a rider and obstacles on the road. To take legal action, the motorcyclist and his or her lawyer needs to prove that the defendant did something negligent or careless that caused the crash. An attorney can help conduct a thorough crash investigation and find expert witnesses to testify about what occurred. Contact Brown Moore and Associates to discuss your case.

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