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Charlotte Defective Products Attorney

Injury Lawsuits Based on Defective Products

Companies that design and build products for industrial or consumer use have a strict legal responsibility to make sure those products are safe to use as intended.

Anytime a person is injured by a consumer or industrial product, it is a good idea to ask for an evaluation from an experienced products liability attorney. A lawyer who understands defective products can analyze whether the injured person may be entitled to financial compensation from the designer or manufacturer of the product.

Experienced Attorneys for Defective Products Lawsuits

Located in Charlotte, the personal injury law firm of Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC has extensive experience representing injured people in defective products lawsuits against the makers of industrial and consumer products. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars of fair compensation in past cases, working on behalf of personal injury plaintiffs throughout North Carolina.

Successful Results in Defective Products Lawsuit

We have achieved a $3.5 million settlement on behalf of a client injured in a car accident due to defective installation of a roadway. In another defective products case, we achieved a settlement of approximately $4 million on behalf of 10 plaintiffs injured due to negligent design and marketing of L-Tryptophan, a neurotoxic drug. Read more about our past successes for our clients.

Expert Analysis Is Critical in Defective Products Lawsuits

Defective products lawsuits can arise in many different contexts:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Children’s toys
  • Playground equipment
  • Automobile products like seatbelts and airbags
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical/pharmaceutical products
  • Exercise equipment
  • Swimming pools

In order to prove that the product designer or manufacturer is legally responsible for injuries caused by products like these, we must be able to show that: (1) the product was defectively designed, so as to make it dangerous; (2) a manufacturing error occurred, such that the specific product that caused the injury was defective; or (3) the company failed to provide sufficient warning to users about the product’s potential danger.

Proving such statements requires assistance from experts in several different fields, depending on the type of product at issue. Our attorneys have developed a large network of experts, including product engineers and manufacturing experts. Their role is to search for evidence of design and manufacturing defects that will help our lawyers build a strong case on our client’s behalf.

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General information about our law firm, our attorneys and personal injury lawsuits can be found on the pages of this website. If, however, you have questions about your specific circumstances, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our lawyers. Call toll-free 800-948-0577 or contact us online.

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