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Design defects in mass-produced consumer products can cause harm to many people. In the case of factory-produced goods, a design defect will result in every single individual product within a particular product line coming out with the same defect. Exploding gas tanks in Ford Pintos were an early example of this phenomenon. It is important for consumers and vendors to pay attention to product recalls, which often sound a warning after injuries have occurred. Vigilant sellers and users of products who respond to product recalls can prevent injuries and fatalities.

Preparing a design defect claim or lawsuit will involve proving that an engineer or designer should have known of reasonable alternative designs that would have been safer and prevented injuries. The concept of “reasonable” alternatives is, of course, a matter of subjective judgment, however there are certain factors considered in evaluating alternative designs such as cost and usefulness.

To build and strengthen our clients’ cases for compensation after they have been injured through use of defective products, Charlotte design defects lawyers at Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, work closely with industrial specialists. As experts in their fields of design and engineering, they provide authoritative, compelling arguments in support of our clients’ claims.

Did you or a family member suffer a serious or catastrophic injury because of a design defect in a manufactured product, such as a car, a piece of heavy machinery or a medical device? Talk to one of our product liability attorneys to begin the process of determining whether a defective product was a probable cause of your accidental injury.

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