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Inadequate Warnings/ Instructions

It is not enough for manufacturers to exercise diligence in engineering and manufacture of products that have the potential to harm consumers. Producers of consumer products should also provide proper labeling and instructions to help users of the products prevent injury. Examples of reasonable and standard warnings and instructions include the following:

  • Labels warning adults about recommended ages for toys or baby equipment
  • Labels warning users of chemical products about how to handle those chemicals safely
  • Guides instructing users how to use power tools, appliances and motorized vehicles with the greatest assurance of safety

Industrial experts are well-versed in the information and warnings that should appear on various manufactured products, such as motorcycle helmets, disc sanders, lawn care equipment, cars or trucks. Many warnings are required by relevant governmental or regulatory authorities.

For this reason, when Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, represents people injured by defective products, our attorneys work closely with authoritative experts. We also conduct research into the product’s history, including any history of recalls, warnings or injuries to past users. Part of our skill as effective product liability attorneys is our knowledge of where to look for the type of information most likely to help strengthen our clients’ cases.

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