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Charlotte Crane Accident Attorney

When heavy machinery such as cranes and tight construction schedules are involved, accidents are likely. Workers injured in these accidents may have legal rights to full and fair compensation, including workers’ compensation and possibly damages from responsible third parties such as subcontractors.

At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, our experienced attorneys represent workers throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas, who have been injured in crane accidents.

Experienced Crane Accidents Litigation Lawyers in North Carolina

The purpose of a crane is essentially to work on very tall buildings. The cranes increase in height as necessary, essentially causing both the operator and a worker in the safety harness to be in danger of falling a lethal distance. Crane accident injuries are almost always serious, if not fatal. Such injuries occur as the result of:

  • Operators falling out of the crane or being electrocuted
  • Inappropriate or unsafe use of the crane
  • Bystanders being crushed by falling debris
  • Defective design or assembly of the crane
  • Defective design or inadequate safety gear

Recovering compensation for injuries sustained in accidents involving work injury and third-party negligence is usually complex. We begin by conducting in-depth research of the accident, investigation of any relevant accident history, and consultation with construction professionals. With this information and knowledge of these specific kinds of cases, we can recover damages through negotiation and litigation.

Our attorneys can help with:

  • Seeking reimbursement for medical treatment, including long-term medical bills
  • Applying for available disability benefits as the result of a short- and long-term disability
  • Recovering permanent disability benefits
  • Pursuing compensation for pain and suffering, and/or loss of consortium (if you’ve lost a family member, or are no longer able to enjoy the same kind of relationship with a spouse) in the event there is a liable party other than your employer
  • Other related damages

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