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The Statistics on Work Accidents

Employees need to be aware of top work accident risks and their rights when an incident occurs while on-the-job. An employee is covered by workers’ compensation for many illnesses or injuries he or she may develop due to work tasks, regardless of whether the incident occurred at the normal worksite or whether the employer was negligent. A Charlotte work accident lawyer can help those who have been harmed determine if their injuries are job-related and assist in pursuing a claim for benefits.

Biggest Work Accident Risks

In 2013, 4,405 workers in the United States were killed while performing their work tasks. This was the lowest number of worker deaths since 1992 when statistics were first collected on worker fatalities. Still, there are far too many people losing their lives. This is especially true among people of certain ethnicities or backgrounds. Throughout 2013, for example, 797 Hispanic or Latino workers were killed because of work injuries. As the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) points out, this is “more than 15 deaths a week,” on average.

Any time a death can be linked to work duties, the surviving family members of the victim should speak with an attorney to learn about obtaining workers’ compensation death benefits. An attorney can help both victims who suffer non-fatal injuries, as well as family members of deceased workers prove that the job caused harm and thus workers’ comp benefits should be available.

While benefits are available after many work injuries, there are certain types of injuries that are especially common within certain industries. For example, in the field of construction, there are four top causes accounting for more than half of all worker fatalities. These included:

  • Falls caused 294 out of 796 construction workers deaths. A total of 36.9 percent of construction workers who lost their lives died in a fall.
  • Being hit by an object was the cause of 82 fatalities or 10.3 percent of total construction worker deaths.
  • Electrocutions were the cause of 8.9 percent of fatalities and killed 71 construction workers.
  • Becoming trapped in or between an object caused 21 deaths or 2.6 percent of fatal construction injuries.

Construction was one of the most dangerous sectors in 2013, accounting for 20.3 percent of fatalities among workers. As many as one out of every five workplace deaths happened in the field of construction.

Family members of construction workers, as well as employees in other sectors may be able to obtain death benefits after an on-the-job injury with the help of a well-versed work accident lawyer. Those workers who survive these or other injury causes may be able to obtain benefits that cover their medical costs and provide for disability income.

Worker illnesses are also a concern, with OSHA estimating that 3.4 out of every 100 workers will suffer an illness or injury. While it may be more challenging in some cases to connect your illness with your job, a skilled attorney may also be able to help you make a successful benefits claim if your job has made you sick. Contact Brown Moore and Associates today if you have been hurt on the job.

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