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Car accident injuries often result in a long list of expenses. Contact a car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC for a free consultation at 704-335-1500. A car accident lawyer from Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC will apply their years of experience and legal skills to help you obtain full recovery from a personal injury claim.
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The Charlotte Workers Compensation Attorneys Can Stop You From Jumping Through Hoops

Brown: What’s with the hoops?

Complainant: I’m trying to make a worker’s comp claim.

Moore: We can do that for you.

Complainant: They said if I jump through this hoop I’ll be all set.

Brown: Yeah maybe.

Moore: So how’s that going for you?

Complainant: I might make it through the first hoop. But now they’ve added more.

Brown: We’re attorney’s Brown and Moore. You know, the good guys.

Moore: We have a lot of experience in workers comp claims.

Complainant: Uh, Can you get my check moving?

Brown: We’re lawyers we don’t make you jump through hoops.

Complainant: Oops, more hoops. I should’ve called the good guys from the start.

Singer: The good guys are the way to go 704-335-1500

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